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Why Mickyhop ?


   Android Based
   Deeply Optimized, Customized &

Public Android

Closed system, server content are highly secured, more stable and better
quality content are brought to users
Open system, no any security, high risk to content provider, finally bring bad quality content to users

Better than all TV Box systems after sufficient market research/feedback
and years of optimization
System without optimization, most of them are just the solution from chipset factory,
lots of freezing, system crash and restart problems

Deeply optimized system, very low memory is required, the use less
part in software are removed, system doesn't allow to leave any junk files
Requires high memory, easy to leave lots of junk files, become slower and slower
Extremely easy to operate, plug & play, all kinds of people are considered Complicated settings, littery interface, high challenge to the IQ

Lots of compatibility tunning are made for all types of servers and external devices Doesn't have any special tunning for servers and extradevices, lots of compatibility problems

With the most popular Statlker Middleware over theworld, users have
more access to different content, easier to use, better compatibility,
save much resource for servers
No Middleware

Support almost all the ways to load IPTV, such as Stalker IPTV,APK,
M3U,Kodi,very flexible
Only APK and Kodi


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